Monday, 26 December 2016

Late night musings

It's been a good week. On Thursday I passed my viva, and am being recommended to be given the right to supplicate for the degree of DPhil of Particle Physics at Oxford. The examiners said my thesis and defence were outstanding and I have no corrections other than two typos. This is a better outcome than I thought possible and has made me incredibly happy.
So much weight has been lifted off me. I am a new man. The future seems filled with promise and I can't wait to tackle both numerous new projects as well as just getting on with the rest of my life that has been somewhat held off because of dphil pressure.
At the same time, I'm quite strongly filled with a sense of needing to give something back. There are many problems in the world, some beyond desperate and my own life is comfortable. Politics has apparently gone mental globally and I worry for my daughter's future. What to do though. Needs some thought.

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